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    Vending Machine Takes Bottles & Gives Food To Stray Dogs In Exchange

    By: Jade Small | the-open-mind A company in Turkey called Pugedon has created a somewhat bizarre but effective way to kill two birds with one...

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    Saudi regime to demolish Islamic sites

    The Saudi regime plans to demolish Islamic monuments in the holy city of Medina to turn Masjid al-Nabawi (the Prophet Mohammad’s Mosque) into the world’s...

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    This is What Happens To A 5-Year-Old Girl Who Consumed 1460 Sodas In Her Short Lifetime

    by Jeff Roberts | collective-evolution I cried when I watched this video. A frightening reality planted itself in front of me as I remembered that...

  • This Is What Happens When a Person Watches Too Much TV

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    This Is What Happens When a Person Watches Too Much TV

    “If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.” ~Bruce Lee~ Credit truthseekerdaily

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    An Honest Israeli Soldier Speaks The Truth (MUST SEE)

    The talk by Eran Efrati was filmed in Denver, Colorado on March 3, 2014 as part of The Soldier and the Refusenik U.S. tour with...

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    Israel admits HAMAS didn’t kidnap the 3 Israeli teens after all

    When the bodies of three Israeli teenagers, kidnapped in the West Bank, were found late last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not mince...