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    Let them eat regulations: Ebola vaccines are not that difficult!

    West Africa is crashing. Weak governments are in danger of destabilizing again. African medical personnel are dying, people who are very difficult to replace. Entire...

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    A Woman Was Caught On CCTV Cruelly Puts A Cat In A Rubbish Bin

    FLASHBACK (2010): To stroke kindly a cat and then throw it into a wheelie bin is such an extraordinary piece of behaviour that you immediately...

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    This Eel Lived An Estimated 155 Years

    (telegraph) – When Åle entered the world in 1859, Napoleon III was King of France, and work had just started on the Suez Canal. But...

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    Ferguson Police Busted – Attempt To Defame Shooting Victim Blows Up In Their Face (VIDEO)

    When the Ferguson police department released the name of Darren Wilson, they also chose to release video footage which they claimed was of Michael Brown...

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    Man Executed By Cops While Wearing Headphones, Unable To Hear Their Orders

    A 20-year-old man was executed by the Salt Lake City police last week while walking out of a local 7-Eleven. The Salt Lake City police...

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    Mike Brown Autopsy Released, Showing He Was Shot 6 Times, Twice In The Head

    (thesource) – The results of a private autopsy conducted by the family of slain unarmed teen Michael Brown has been released.  It clearly shows he...