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NYPD have been stopping people and asking them to upgrade to iOS7



If you’re walking around New York City this afternoon, you may be handed a flyer by the NYC Police Department with a “Public Awareness Notice” for so-called “Apple users”. This note informs users of iPhone and iPad devices that upgrading to iOS 7 will add security features that will keep these devices from being reprogrammed without an Apple ID and Password. These notes go on to suggest that “additional information on iOS 7 features” can be found at Apple’s homepage.

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The feature these notes speak of is indeed included with iOS 7 (see: Activation Lock), added by Apple to help cut down the turnover rate of stolen or otherwise lost phones to thieves. The notes handed out by the NYC Police Department also suggest that users register their devices with the NYPD’s Operation Identification Program. This program is outlined by NYC.GOV in their Crime Prevention program listing as follows:

Operation Identification is offered free of charge by the New York City Police Department. The program involves engraving an identifiable serial number with the letters N.Y.C. on all portable valuables such as computers, fax machines, copiers, etc. and registering only the number and the owners name and address with the Police Department.

This program can be implemented by contacting your local Precinct’s Crime Prevention Officer. The officer will loan you an engraver, which is used to mark all equipment. Benefits from this program include:

• Special New York City Police Department decals are issued which are affixed to windows alerting people that all property contained within, has been registered in this program.
• The marked property is more difficult for a thief to sell.
• Stolen property in the possession of a thief is easily traceable to its rightful owner.
• Found property can easily be identified and returned to the rightful owner.

It is not clear at this time if these flyers are being handed out across the 5 boroughs or if they’re being distributed in centralized locations. Several flyers have popped up with “72nd Precinct” printed on them while others show no such specific marking. According to 9to5mac, flyers are being handed out at Apple Stores “where people are walking out with new iPhone 5s/5c with iOS 7 installed” as well. Twitter users Tam Nguyen and Michael Hoffman began mentioning these “uniformed NYPD officers” handing out flyers as early as yesterday.

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  • starzowner

    They want you to upgrade because Apple has technology where the police can disable your phone so that you can NOT take pictures or videotape “sensitive” scenes. lol Ya know like a cop beating an innocent person and such…………wake up people

    • Justin

      Its the end of the old world order as we know it.

    • Joshua Hagen

      Where is this evidence? Don’t be stupid.

      • Vlad Vondoom

        Don’t be stupid, LOL? Do a “Google” search “Apple, Patent, Cell Phone, Disable” That should get you there.

      • Moses

        You don’t need evidence for common sense, or thinking of possible repercussions. There may not even be proof, but later become apparent. Human intuition has been greatly underestimated and misunderstood, but it’s still a tool that we use to warn other people about what could happen. The big mystery here is what if there is a hidden motive for the police department to stop people and handing out flyers.

        • Conscious

          All I have to say about NYPD corruption is this; Stop&Frisk. Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo. Since the Mafia in the 30’s to the gangbangers in 2013. The NYPD will not be a straight system, ever. Don’t ever count on it.

    • Vlad Vondoom

      I need to make a graphic with an Apple having a Hitler mustache.

    • Jimi

      You don’t need to have your phone on to take pictures or videos.

    • TheHammock

      how would the logistics of that even work out? how does having your phone registered in OpID help apple or the police disable your phone when taking videotapes of sensitive scenes? OpID is just engraving shit on your phone and logging it literally on paper within the precinct so your phone is impossible to pawn and really hard to sell anywhere else. but what do i know? i’m just ex-nypd…i guess i need to wake up. and i’m all for not trusting the government and not trusting or accepting anything that is happening politically. this is just a situation that is funny, because the nypd is so fucked up and disorganized that they can’t even spell available correctly on their flyer…..and you think it’s some state government-to-corporation conspiracy where they can magically disable your phone somehow when you’re taking pictures of shit? this is a program that has been in effect in some way since way before the first iphone was released. i remember people coming in to have their laptops engraved, to have pagers engraved, random shit circa 05/06. just saying.

    • Sara

      Everyone here overestimates the NYPD hahahaha! NYPD still uses outdated typewriters to type up most forms, the police cars in some precincts are falling apart,
      even the station house are a mess with outdated equipment, most of the
      computers and printers don’t work and you think they have this
      technology to disable cameras? hahaha Gotta love conspiracy theories!

      • Conscious

        Lmfao.. My friend, it isn’t the NYPD with the technology. It’s a wide-spread issue. It’s radio-waves, I believe that blocks transmissions of your device. It doesn’t make it so you can’t use your camera, it simply makes it so you can’t post it on a social networking site.

  • Alex Hernandez

    iPhone 5 and 5s is the same and UOENO it.

  • Guest

    Has no one seen the human “Centipad”? it’s all in the end user license. Read it!!!

    #southpark #captainawesomepants

  • Android User

    Wow… so much hate against PD on this one. If you’d actually understood this post (mainly the flier, typos and all), you’d know that the UPDATE is from APPLE (not NYPD), and offers a better security set in the event that the device is lost, or more likely, stolen.
    The program that NYPD suggests user sign up for is simply an engraving on the side of the unit, which is used to determine if the person in possession of the item is actually the owner. Many insurance companies selling renters or homeowners policies also have this program. If your home is burglarized, and your property is stolen, it is easier to return to you, if found, when it is properly marked with an identifying serial number. They’re not asking for your ESN, Apple ID, fingerprint, or anything else.
    I’m not a fan of NSA or big brother, but damn, ease up on the conspiracy theory. If you don’t want the update, don’t update. If you don’t want to participate in the property recovery program, don’t. Jeezes…

    • Kimi Kay Dilsaver

      Regardless of all of the “hate” you mentioned since when does Apple pay the wages for law enforcement to be message boys?

      • topsully

        The cops aren’t Apple’s messengers, they just want to spend less time taking reports from people about stolen phones. It’s nothing nearly as nefarious as it looks. It’s not like this is the feds.

        • Anerien Shope

          AGENT Number 2

        • Doncreegan R.

          Go away secret Agent..

    • Ricardo Rowe-Parker

      This engraving service (or whatever) could be offered by the police without these flyers or any solicitation of any kind. If people learn about it through word-of-mouth, and then seek the PD ON THEIR OWN, then they deserve what they get (for better or for worse). But it should be happening WITHOUT solicitation. George Orwell was right!!!

    • Vlad Vondoom

      You really can’t separate an attack dog from his handler…

    • Anerien Shope


    • elizabeth31

      I’m more bothered by the fact that Apple is talking it up with the police enough that they got paid to pass out Apple’s fliers. This doesn’t bother you at all????

      • LikeYouCareWhatsWrittenHere

        New York is a big city. Apple wanted publicity. Simple as that. And who’s not going to agreed to get paid to pass out flyers? No one.

        • elizabeth31

          I’m clearly saying there should be a limit on public service people being endorsed by big corporations.

    • dave

      they dont need your esn they already have it. apple, google, all major email providers, all major phone companies, this crap that they call news that is 2-3 weeks behind what really going on, and the rest is bullsh*t. don’t kids yourself every phone is being listened to and now they are asking you to upgrade to the new system, why. could it be the new finger print technology probably. who knows but 1 thing is for sure apple users are insane for using something that that would store your fingerprint.

    • Edin Kreso

      thank you, only person in the comments who seems to have a brain to think for them selves.
      All your people with your stupid conspiracy theory’s are this worlds biggest problem.

  • Kimi Kay Dilsaver

    Is Apple paying the wages for the NYPD now? Or do they still get their wages from tax paying US citizens

    • Vlad Vondoom

      No, but the bankers who pay the politicians who pay the NYPD also pay Apple…

    • anna

      Just dont buy apple anymore. If Samsung patents this technology as well im dumping my cell all together.

  • Poe Man

    Big brother wants to watch you even more”. Wake up to what is “REALLY” going on here people !!!!!

    • colby x

      Do you “really” know?

    • sockbunny08

      someone’s life isn’t worth living without a conspiracy theory cooking.

  • Dana Nutter

    “Please update your spyware.” – NYPD

  • Keri Green

    Boy if this doesn’t have red flags every where. First of all Apple is in bed with Obama and the gang of liars thieves and crooks. So good luck to you all with your new Government spy devices.SOME PEOPLE NEVER LEARN. LMAO!

    • Hrunga Zmuda

      NEWS FLASH! Obsessive compulsive right-wing sycophant doesn’t know Rush Limbaugh is an Apple fan.

      • Vlad Vondoom

        I’m Left Wing, and I have to agree with the Teabaggers. Its False Flags all the way down…

        • Hrunga Zmuda

          My point was, pathetic losers who can’t talk about anything but Obama need to be quiet when the topic isn’t Obama.

          • Matt Chappel

            How about you stop telling people what they can and can’t talk about.

  • Myss Jackson

    Well I did read some where that Bill Gates was the anti christ…. lol I don’t know but he does have his hands in monsanto…. and considering everything is computerized who would have an easier time rulinh the world… I don’t buy apple products… though its kinda hard to get away from “windows”

  • Jai Kobayaashi Gomer
  • Jai Kobayaashi Gomer
  • Michael Brummit

    did you people never discover what snowden had to say? they know how much garlic you ate if they want to. apple, google, all the carriers, all the isp’s… all of them.

  • IBangWSHHoneys

    now i cant sell bricks thru my iphone like rick ross

  • sockbunny08

    If you get lost, lifted or held hostage – or your phone does – you can now be found. If you’re paranoid and cynical, this is horrible news for your already miserable countenance.

  • Vlad Vondoom

    Another reason not to buy Apple. There are so many reasons…

  • John von Gestor
  • Lindsay Ryder

    Why do you think Obama has a blackberry?

    • LikeYouCareWhatsWrittenHere

      Because’s he old?

  • Alexander Paskwalski

    They don’t even try to hide it anymore. Fuck the NYPD and fuck Apple.

  • tiriviri
  • Brian

    Don’t update because there gonna be able to look and see your perfect pinpoint at all times. And for the people that do things wrong or have done somtbing wrong that’s how apple finds you. Don’t you see apple is Workin with the feds? Fuck the police. Get a throw away phone!

    • Tony Muhammad

      How often should I throw it away and buy a new one? Lol

  • Nam Le

    Yeah, this is totally a plot by the NYPD and Apple…NOT! All crimes stats in the Big Apple have fallen, except for property crime, over the past 10 years. Crime statistics have consistently pointed to one source, theft of smart phones (and to a lesser extent, MP3 players). Apple, with its white earbuds, made it easy for people to know whether you had a iPod (valuable) or a Discman (worthless). With the iPhone, victims were easily preyed on when distracted by texting or talking. Criminals just grab them from people’s ears or hands. It’s so ubiquitous, there’s even a name for it, ‘Apple Picking’.

    A smartphone, and in particular, the iPhone is as good as gold on the street. Within 30min, that phone has been turned into cash for the thief, and wiped by the buyer, who can easily resell on Craigslist or eBay. The NYPD, for all its faults, is definitely crime statistic driven. In iOS7, they finally see something could render a stolen iPhone worthless, and the possibility to reduce that crime rate.

    That’s why they want you to upgrade to iOS7. As for the conspiracy theories espoused in these comments, let’s see some proof. We know the NSA has a backdoor in RSA products, surely the NYPD cannot keep its secrets any better.

  • Jenier Elias

    As funny as it might seem, this has a lot to do with my story Mackina. It’s a perfect example of where our privacy and freedoms are headed. Please read chapter 19.

  • Johnny

    No regrets about not owning an apple

  • smokee3432

    I’m 86/yrs old-I’m very confused- will someone write to me in old style English ?

    • Chipsterr

      Yea verily….

      Ye Ol’ Constabulary desires me and thee to kindly list all beneath our rooftops in such a manner that the Constables can return what is rightfully your’n if all that was your’n were to be removed by those of low demeanor and of much cowardice.

  • anna

    Haha I feel sorry for the apple idiot’s. One day when a cop beats you up unprovoked and you decide to video record for your side of the story guess what apple sold your ass out and the cops now have the ability to shut down your video recording. This should go well with al, the marches an protests coming up soon. Apple doesn’t care about the user’s rights they patented it. Dont believe me google it, thanks apple for supporting a police state. I will never buy or advocate your product’s!!!!

    • LikeYouCareWhatsWrittenHere

      Yeah, how often do cops beat people up unprovoked? Google me a statistic and then maybe I’ll consider believing your bullshit. I doubt you even came up with this opinion by yourself. You were probably “inspired” by the comments above.

      • Honesty

        Oi. You have only made a handful of comments on various sites but in every single one of them you have been unnecessarily hurtful and insulting. If you cannot speak on the internet and respect people at the same time, then you need to either get the hell off the internet or fix your behaviour right now. It’s unacceptable to treat people the way your comments show you have been treating people. It is perfectly possible to disagree with someone in a respectful manner. It is perfectly possible to request evidence of a point of view without labelling, insulting and degrading others. If this is too hard for you then you need to get off the internet, because we as commenters should not have to put up with being needlessly insulted and attacked just because you lack basic manners. That is YOUR problem and we should be allowed to speak in a public arena without having to deal with the consequences.

  • Joe LaMacchia

    If your not doing anything wrong then you shouldn’t worry about registering your phone. This entire country is becoming paranoid maybe they should pass out medication to treat paranoia

    • Chipsterr

      No. Having nothing to hide IS NOT the same as showing everything you have.

      If you have nothing to hide you should have no problems posting your bank account information here for all to see.

      • LikeYouCareWhatsWrittenHere

        Bank accounts have nothing to do with the iPhone. You’re stupid for even making that reference. If you don’t post anything or do anything illegal with your phone, then who cares if the police can see it? That was his point. Nowhere in that comment did he say “Show the world your whole lives.” Besides, the government is too busy collecting your tax dollars to care about that picture of your dog you posted on Facebook.

        • Chipsterr

          You are just as bad. Having nothing to hide is not the same as showing all you’ve got.

          “…If you don’t post anything or do anything illegal with your phone, then who cares if the police can see it?”

          Why are the police wanting to look at my phone? And why should I let them?

    • Harold4321

      Just because you hiding something doesn’t mean you are breaking the law.

  • Ashik

    Remember it is the plot of the Illuminati. You surrender the entire information to the NYPD so that the government can access your phone any time they want. Its almost getting Jailed, LOL

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  • Joe Coney

    All of these location enabled devices with GPS fingerprint etc…that are monitored reported to government agencies, for a specific investigation or just monitoring to ensure homeland security for our safety as they say is just a blindsided beginning to the ” mark of the beast” as predicted many centuries ago as an end to freedom and humanity..

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