Fukushima radiation hits San Francisco



This shocking video was taken December 23rd 2013 with a quality Geiger Counter at Pacifica State Beach (Surfers Beach), California.


Geiger Counter used:

Background radiation is 30 CPM. Near the ocean it’s 150 CPM. The fine mist coming from the ocean waves seems to be what makes the Geiger Counter jump.

Fukushima radiation disaster info:

Massive starfish deaths on West Coast:

We all must come to the realization that swimming in the Pacific Ocean (let alone eating anything out of it) is a thing in the past. And it’s only going to get worse, as it’s unstoppable. This is by far the worst man-made disaster in human history, and our garbage media and government say nothing.


Fukushima is here: ‘ALL Bluefin Tuna Caught In California Are Radioactive’

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  • Samuel Crowne
  • RW

    I’m sick of these Fukushima alarmist websites. Notice how none of them are ever written by actual radiological scientists or published by reputable non-governmental organizations, and none of them even bother to add any meaningful scientific context to their “findings”. Let’s take this guy’s measurements, which he says average 150CPM and which peaks out at 156CPM at one point in the video. If you take the highest measurement of 156CPM and divided it by the specified 3500CPM/mR/h sensitivity level of his model Geiger meter, you get a measurement of 0.04458 mR/h (milliroentgens per hour). Multiply this value by 8766 hours per year to get 391 mR per year, then multiply that by 0.96 to convert to the roentgen equivalent in man (rem) value of 375 mrem–this is the level of radiation deposited in soft biological tissue. According to MIT, the average natural background radiation at sea level is 300 mrem. This increases at higher elevation where Denver has an average 400 mrem. Federal safety standards for fetuses and minors in workplace environment label 500 mrem, or 5000 mrem for adults, as the upper limit of safe. To give further context, acute radiation poisoning is defined as over 1 sievert or 100 rem (100,000 mrem) in a short time period, which at the rate of peak measurement level would take over 25 years to accumulate. Another way to look at that is, at 0.0428 mrem/h or 0.0007 mrem/m, that is over 142,857 times the peak measurement registered on Pacifica State Beach.

    • Jeff Horton

      Can’t you see the Damage, this has done! There are people up there, whom have had their clothes burned off, by the sand at the beach. Their hair has turned green and the sides of their heads are bald. I think their eye site was damaged too. There are people of the same sex kissing each other, and sometimes more than that. I’m so concerned that they are brain damaged and can never be cured. Many people are pasty white, with black fingernails. Soon I think I can expect to see a large Lizard in town, knocking down the golden gate. San Francisco is Doomed I tell ya Doomed. Then I found out Soyant Green is people! I had to escape This radio active infected place. But I was too late!! I saw Nancy Pelosi and turned to stone.

      • Crystal Hughes

        LOL! Are you serious? People are brain damaged if they kiss the same sex?!!!

        • Jeff Horton

          Thats what they claim that they were born that way. And it is the brain that controls emotions. So yes I’m serious.

          • Exquisit Skeleton

            That is not an academic way to approach the sensitive topic of some one’s sexual orientation or identity. Here are some definitions so you may become educated in the connotation of the words you so rashly threw together; the dictionary defines the word ‘damaged’ as such:


            /ˈdæmɪdʒ/ Show Spelled [dam-ij] Show IPA



            injury or harm that reduces value or usefulness: The storm did considerable damage to the crops.


            damages, Law. the estimated money equivalent for detriment or injury sustained.


            Often, damages. Informal. cost; expense; charge: What are the damages for the lubrication job on my car?

            verb (used with object), dam·aged, dam·ag·ing.


            to cause damage to; injure or harm; reduce the value or usefulness of: He damaged the saw on a nail.

            verb (used without object), dam·aged, dam·ag·ing.


            to become damaged: Soft wood damages easily.

            1250–1300; Middle English < Old French, equivalent to dam (< Latin damnum damage, fine) + -age -age; see damn"


            And there are many parts of the brain that 'control' emotion, such as the hypothalamus, which is crucial for mood and hormone regulation, and than there is the hippocampus which is responsible for memory. These, combined with many other parts of the brain, are the parts that 'light up' and show activity which signals that a certain emotion or thought has been induced.


            Now, in my opinion, one specimen who feels something for someone with the attributes and likeliness of their own is not someone who is, how do you put it, 'brain damaged.'
            Thank you for reading my small summed up overview of why I am in every way possible offended, disgusted and saddened by what mr. Jeff Horton has said.
            Sorry Mr. Horton for I am in reluctant tolerance of how you're probably saddened, disgusted and offended that so many individuals don't think that they are brain damaged; yet you have those parts of the brain that control emotions too so I suppose you have your own, shall we say, "damages." I wish you well and I hope that what ever causes you to imagine such lunacy will be resolved.
            Thanks again for the read. Good night.
            Oh, and has for Fukushima…I really have no say or knowledge on the issue, I am interested in what everyone has to say about though, but that's what this should page on the internet is about right? Fukushima? I didn't see any where on the title, in the video, on the adds or even in the subtext of the video about gender, sex or even psychology…so it would be nice if informed peoples keep ignorance away from my eyes because I can not help but cringe and feel terrible for the lack of understanding mr. Horton has exhibited. This silly 'rage against the homo' has got to end: there are much more important things to educate other people on, like for instance, the possibility of radiation plummeting the pacific coast. [And Jeff, did you know that there are pages for people like you who disown and damn the homosexual and LGBT community?! You should check them out! I'm sure you'll fit right in like a phallic shaped architectural detail in a piece of art history!]
            Happy New Years!

          • Jeff Horton

            So your telling me, that if you get hit in the head, hard enough. Or exposed to certain chemicals, that your brain can not be damaged? How stupid are you.

          • Exquisit Skeleton

            No. That isn’t what I said at all. I’m telling you you can’t call something damaged when its not damaged. Calling people names is so productive!

          • Guest

            I was fucking with you lol it was a joke. How stupid am I? I don’t know, how about you ask a dictionary?

          • Guest

            What sex were you born? You were born a woman. A penis developed because of your XY chromosomes. Some people have different kinds of chromosomes. I’m sorry I offend you with facts.

          • Bob Davey

            you were doing really great until the libtards remark.
            What exactly does “liberal”, whatever the fk that means, have to do with Fukishima?
            What does sex have to do with Fukishima?
            You sound like some sort of twisted Fox News zombie.
            Conservatards are the ones with their head up their ass.
            They’ve got a monopoly on brain damage.
            Stand up and get your trophy.

      • john

        so that explains why pulosie is so nutty

      • Dre Hund

        Radiation cooties. Sold only at White Front Stores.

        • Jeff Horton

          WOW you got to be old to Remember White Front.

    • Jonathan Reimer

      So are you paid by the nuclear power industry? A simple Google search will bring up plenty of reputable sources. While I am dazzled by your ability to obfuscate and confuse with a bunch of junk math, I am unimpressed by your forgetting (?) that this is the first signs of the radiation hitting sf. Your numbers do nothing to stop the gallons and gallons of poison leaking into the ocean. The hundreds of tanks full of it…. no sir. I reject your propaganda and ask for better investigation and a real cleanup effort.

      • zanngo

        I haven’t myself come across many reputable sources with a Google search. Lots of sources, yes, but very few of scientific standing. Usually just sources like this very page, that have links to meaningless websites.
        A simple Google search of CPM will inform you that it means “counts per minute”. The fact that it’s higher in the surf is absolutely natural and expected: that’s where anything will be at highest countability, because the surf is making it airborne. Like salt itself. There’s no specification as to what the radiation even is that’s being measured. No mention of the fact that there is natural radiation in the air and oceans already. No mention of the fact that Chernobyl was, in fact, much worse of a disaster than Fukushima at this point still. No mention of the fact that radiation given off by glow-in-the-dark plastic is higher than that in the ocean spray in this video.
        Somebody bought a Geiger counter and held it in the surf, and got exactly the same reading they would get over ANY splash zone on any ocean on earth.

    • rossd there are lots of reputable commentators and organisations reporting on this issue if you care to look…

    • TheOffensiveuser

      None are ever written by officials maybe because.. they’re paid off? 😉 yeah, arguments can go back and forth forever.

      Radiation in its natural quantities help destroy old cells so new ones can grow.
      Radiation in what’s being experienced at the moment (source of radiation unverified, but it does exist) is causing a barrage of symptoms and cancer (undisputed admittance by the CDC) since 2012 in the west coast. The risk factor has risen.

      Bottom line, just as white bread is more appealing to everyone as is white rice… white CHARACTERS (mm i’ll refer to asians and caucasians as white here) are much better to look at! Seriously, if anime were made up of all BLACK PEOPLE, you guys would not watch it. White people look cooler, racist or not.

  • Brian Ramirez

    wait.. i didnt go to MIT but if if u have some common sense,, u would figure when the humans start dieing around FUKUSHIMA (from radiation poisoning)i would stop eating anything from japan?? and months or years after that be careful when eating fish in hawaii..??? and then,, years after that.. when everyone is dead in japan.. you will be dead of old age…my beautiful USA has detonate a nuclear weapon 1053 times in the past 50 some years… SO PEOPLE,, STOP BEING SO STUPID

    • sambacomet

      there’s no such thing as common sense

    • Jonathan Reimer

      English… please. English.

      I don’t even know where to start with these comments. I dunno. Maybe go read a primer on radioactivity and radiation sickness.

    • Eddy

      Yes, you are only talking of U.S. blasts, what of the U.K. French, Russian experiments, and every atmospheric blast has released radiation contamination to float around forever in the Northern Hemisphere contaminating everything it touches. Why do you think there are so many cases of cancer in the U.S. these days ? Once this stuff has been released, there’s no way EVER, of getting it back into the bottle mate. Have you heard, every Geiger counter in the Northern Hemisphere has required RECALIBRATION because they no longer register ZERO. In other words, there is nowhere in the Northern Hemisphere where its contamination free. So today Geiger counters will register ZERO where in fact the radiation is anything but.
      And today, your ‘beautiful” U.S.A. has a major problem of disposing of radioactive waste, so what do they do, turn it into ammunition so they can dispose of it in foreign countries continuing the radiation contamination spread, never recognizing that the contaminated dust will eventually find it’s way back to U.S. shores and into our oceans and rivers.
      Are you aware during the first Iraqi war the contamination was picked up in the U.K. by their detectors measuring the environment ? So if the dust can reach the U.K. do you think somehow the U.S. will not be similarly contaminated ?
      We all breathe the same air, no matter where we live, apparently that little fact has not sunk in yet to the masters in the Pentagon or Washington.

  • uighurs rule

    Does this mean San Francisco will be affordable again?

    • Dre Hund

      Rent control still rules.

  • ZEUS

    quit bickering about meaningless details. any layman with basic common sense can see there aren’t any definitive answers when it comes to fukushima, this is a first for humanity. we have 3 reactors in critical meltdown, and too many fuel rods sitting in a temporary containment pool that need to be removed. sure, we’ve been exposed to some radiation we wouldn’t otherwise have, i saw the hydrogen explosions on youtube just like you all did. anyone with half a brain knows some isolated reading posted on the internet at any given time on the west coast doesn’t paint the whole picture. to have any certainty on this issue aside from asserting that we have have no idea is to be a fool.

  • Jeff Horton

    It’s Bushes Fault!

    • john

      wait i heard it was the man on the moon

    • Da religious white

      Looked at TSLA lately? Look again a few years down the road.

  • Isa van Vliet

    and we can do what?

    • Bibliofilen

      Demand that all fish is tested and that levels near homes and kindergartens are regularly tested. Check all other nuclear plants worldwide and figure out a compensation scheme and insurances in case something similar ever happen again.

      Invest in new technology and in research for improvments in the old stuff still out there.

      For a starter.

      • Eddy

        “figure out a compensation scheme and insurances in case something similar ever happen again. ” LOL, a real funny guy. No Insurer will cover you, your family or your property for anything involving nuclear.
        Reckon I’m kidding ? Go ask your own insurer, demand to see the writing if they do offer such a cover, but I predict they don’t.
        India is currently being castigated by the U.S. Govt because they INSIST of such insurance being offered if any company wishes to build a nuclear reactor in India. So far, India has refused to bow to U.S. demands on the issue. Maybe they’ve learnt a hard lesson after Bophal.

        • Bibliofilen

          I meant that the nuclear plants need to be insured if they are to keep running. And that is something we, the people, can and ought to change in all democracies.

  • rick

    do you think this will hurt the housing market in san fran?

    • NoBodyScanners

      No. I heard the average housing price in SF is $903K and rising.

  • aanonn

    Days for earliest onset of radiation sickness

    25,937 (at 100 CPM)

    Days to receive dose for increase cancer risk of 1 in a 1,000

    432 (at 100 CPM)

    Days compared with the avg. annual human exposure (U.S.)

    207 (at 100 CPM)

    • Christopher Houser

      So, 207 days out of 365 days? That’s a little under double normal exposure. At a beach.. where sand usually seems to emit radiation no matter what. Sounds to me like this is a “nothing to see here folks” sort of situation.

      • aanonn

        If you live there it’s an issue. I wouldn’t want to live there.

        • Richard Urban Jr.

          Neither would I, but because of the San Fran WHACKOS, not the radiation. The black sand beaches in Africa have over 1000 TIMES that background, and you don’t see them dropping dead there… Denver Colorado has at least TWICE that background, it’s less than what you will find in the Halls of Congress from the Granite in the buildings…

          • Zoloft77 .

            Don’t forget Las Vegas today. They had plenty of open air nuclear testings near that city in the late 19040s and 1950s.
            . Plenty of cases of thyroid cancer but nowhere near the present levels found in the oceans.

  • Jeff Beal

    When do we get our soup-er poaw-er? Hopefully really soon. I cant wait

  • Dave

    This is a really hypey, stupid post…

    Why do people get so much pleasure in distributing mis-information? I don’t get it.

  • Kathryn Guillaum

    The Best we can do is Wait and See and Prepare…period!!

    • Donny

      Jip. Although preparing can be tricky and difficult against this….. 😉

      • Kathryn Guillaum

        unless people have lots of bucks to set up housekeeping underground for , ohhhh, a couple hundred years+, we cannot escape our fate. What do you bet that the govt. has such a bunker for themselves and their best corporate buddies? Maybe their stockpiling has something to do with this or something they know, but we don’t. Ok, this is depressing. I just had to reply, Donny!! I hope you have a ” Happy New Year”!

        • Donny

          :) you too

  • Guest

    The point is the silence, most would welcome accurate data, I question why none seems available. If anyone knows of a reliable source, quit complaining and point to real news. Without that is is all just words on both sides. I cannot imagine that there is no effects, but I do see there is no reliable coverage either.

  • Da religious white

    Why bother about FUKUSHIMA when we are already FUK-ED?

  • unionfreeisme

    I don’t believe much of the fear, data, videos and articles that are coming out on this. Anything that posts crap from the kook websites naturalness, or infowars is usually lies, half truths and total crap.

  • Nanette Lohmann

    Ir is only natural that the water and air currents will carry the radiation to the US westcoast sooner or later. And it is a well known fact that in case of a nuclear melt down there is no known solution to the problem – the scientists who set up this technology simply trusted in the future, it was anticipated that within a few decades there WOULD be a solution…. a lot of people her seem to have watched too many Hollywood movies, where in the end either the cavallery or some allmighty dad or Rambo turns up to straighten things out. Well, then keep on weiting and stay ignorant! Vurrently, to clean out the mess in Fukushima, the Yakuza is involved to recruit some poor guys nobody will ask for. Get informed! And don’t forget, there’s a lot of money involved! This also goes to the many little shareholders, who just think about bargains and profit and deny to deal with where the money comes from. I understand this is heavy stuff, but to call it fearmongering is simply naive and ignorant!

  • DavidSG

    “Why should we trust Nuclear Power?”

    Why? Because the use of
    fossil fuels kill over 3,000,000 people _every_ _year_ from resultant
    health problems. Because our ongoing use of fossil fuels is driving
    climate change that could spell disaster for your great grand children,
    and mine. Because renewables are good for a warm fuzzy feeling but
    simply cannot generate the vast amount of energy the world needs.

    How many does nuclear kill?

    Accidents notwithstanding, nuclear is the safest technology for
    generating the bulk power needed. Chernobyl was consequence of Soviet
    era pseudo-engineering and stupidity. Fukishima was a result of allowing
    bean counters to make engineering decisions. These accidents create a
    level of fear totally out of proportion to reality, because the effects
    are concentrated in time and space and jumped on by the press.
    How many of the 8,000+ people coughing themselves to death every day in
    hospitals world-wide are reported on the nightly news?

    are promising new reactor technologies based on Thorium. The reactors
    are incapable of meltdown (walk-away safe) and cannot be used to produce
    weapons. The waste products have short half lives, so won’t be a
    problem for generations to come. Do you know why we don’t have Thorium
    reactors? Because the US military establishment suppressed them when
    they were first proposed. Except that China and India are investing big
    resources into developing Thorium technology – and Norway of course. The
    end result is going to be that in 30-50 years time the West will a
    non-starter in the generation of energy. We will be buying mass
    manufactured Thorium reactors from China in shipping containers.

    These are facts. Not opinions.

    • gkam

      I think you need to go to Fukushima.

      • DavidSG

        Maybe I need to visit Chernobyl as well? And Three Mile Island? Or Chalk River Laboratories?

        Your sarcasm suggest you are missing or refuse to see the point. Wikipedia
        list a number of nuclear accidents. The total death toll, including
        forward estimates for Chernobyl, is 4-5000 *in* *all* *of* *history*.
        More people have undoubtedly died from cancers induced by natural radiation.

        9/11 was an horrific event. However, the annual US road toll is ten times greater than the 9/11 toll.

        It is basic human psychology, reinforced by the hysterical media, that dramatic events like the Sandy Hook massacre (28 deaths) attracts much more attention and public emotional outpouring than the “background” figure of 30,000 gun deaths annually (about 3 Sandy Hooks every day) in the US.

        Opposing nuclear power on the basis of a excellent safety
        record, which can only improve with better engineering and tighter regulation, is totally irrational.

  • Dayna Grengs

    Guys… You’d probably get more radiation exposure eating a banana in your basement… 150 cpm is still consisted background radiation in most places.

  • Eddy

    Higher Radiation Levels In The U.S.

    Here you go R.W. knock yourself out with this web site based in the U.S.

  • siyousyanamae .

    More people who remained in Fukushima are suffering from the same symptoms as mine. More people have died.
    December 22, 2013 Fukushima Voice version 2e

    Every day Japanese government and specialists said on TV, “There is NO worry.” and “There is NO immediate health effect.”
    We all underwent the examination including the daughter who did NOT qualify for the thyroid examination, and it turns out we all had thyroid cysts.

    There were some spots with air dose level of 2.0 μSv/h inside the property boundaries.
    I discussed with the school principal the thyroid issues in my children, but all I got back was an unbelievable answer, “I think even 5 mSv annually is fine.”

    As I wanted to move to the west of Tokyo, we ended up evacuating to Yamanashi Prefecture.
    We NO longer have abnormal symptoms we used to get in Fukushima.
    I would like Japanese government and Tokyo Electric to reveal the truth and own up their responsibilities and do what they need to do.

  • Reini Urban

    Have you checked any Diablo incident? This would be the real danger for the bay area. Let alone building a nuclear power plant at 1. one of the biggest faults on the pacific ring of fire and 2. directly at the sea where any tsunami by any major earthquake on the sea would endanger the computer industry. BTW: you are safe. Diablo is protected against 6m tsunami high water.

  • gkam

    I studied the effects of nuclear weapons for the Defense Civil Preparedness Agency and tested GE Mark I and II Boiling Water Reactor Safety Systems for the NRC before becoming a Senior Engineer in Technical Services for a very large electric power utility.
    The technology is NOT SAFE, and will kill us by the millions of we do not take it away from those who forced it on us.
    The Japanese government has classified all things radioactive to save its Olympics, . . . . . . and face. But they will lose their a$$es.

  • Josh Brody

    RW makes great sense! The math/science he/she points out is not “junk math” as stated by Reimer below. After serving for a very long time in the Navy, and becoming an expert in nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare agents and DETECTION…he writes the truth. The shear fact that people are using the term, “simple Google search…” is proof that those folks are too dependent on what’s out there. Maybe if people and organizations other than activist groups and special interest groups were substantiating or refuting the findings…more would be able to make an educated decision based on the science. The oceans of the World should be used as a dumping ground and the Fukushima incident was horrible. However, may need to stop acting like Chicken Little as the sky is not falling.

  • Christopher David English

    I was in the process of writing a similar response as RW debunking this story. I read the owner’s manual for the Geiger Counter you used in the video and 150 cpm is less
    radiation than that emitted by a banana. I suspect you left it in CPM mode to make it
    look worse than it really is just to scare people. It is more likely that you don’t know how to operate the device and couldn’t tell the difference between a mili-rad and a
    roach clip. For those interested, the radiation levels registered in the video are less than the average background radiation in areas all over the world. Therefore,
    the measurements you took would have been the same last year, 100 years ago or
    1,000 years ago. Make no mistake. Fukushima was a horrific environmental
    disaster that will have negative impacts for thousands of years. Unfortunately, lies like this do nothing to help solve the problem and only serve to alienate reasonable people.

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