China Set to Invade South China Sea Island with Strength


There are reports that indicate Beijing has established to invade an island in the South China Sea “illegally occupied” by US associate the Philippines, stirring involvements that the strained filled region could erupt.

The article originally appeared at qianzhan.com under the headline,

‘Sudden major move of Chinese troops this year to recover Zhongye Island by force’,

and was translated by the China Daily Mail.

The Philippines are relying on US Support, they’re pretentious as to publish in the New Year that it will escalate its navy and air force deployment at Zhongye Island, a Chinese island that it has illegally been active for years. According to experts, the Chinese navy has drawn an accurate combat strategy to seize the island and the warfare will be secured within the South China Sea.

In October, China sent an inspection ship to Hawaiian waters for the very first time in an unsual move which was reported as a provocative retaliation to the U.S. naval existence in the East China Sea.

Strident rhetoric about Beijing’s ability to strike US military bases in the Western Pacific, also the discharge of a map displaying locations of dominant U.S. cities and how they would be destroyed by a nuclear strike launched from the PLA’s critical submarine strength also turned heads.




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